City at Abarksen

This is a place of great knowledge and mystery, with great power for those with the guts to seize it. it holds both great progress and poverty, the center of the city bursting with new things and ideas, which slowly bleed outward.

The area was settled first by wizards and a few clerics of Requari who came to study The Abarksen, and the adventurers who accompanied them. Eventually enough wizards had gathered that they joined forces in their study and founded a college, while the clerics established a major temple at the site. Those who were not obsessed with the great stone organized themselves into a moderately democratic government when it became obvious the settlement would continue to expand. A great deal of planning was put into the design of the city, resulting in it unique layout.

From above it is a perfectly round city built around the Abarksen. The space is divided into four rings radiating out from the park holding the Abarksen. This is the source of the city’s nickname “City of Circles”.

The first ring is equally divided between The Mage College, the Temple of Requari, and the Administrative Palace.

The second ring contains the cities most wealthy and renowned citizens. The Governor and the Heads of the Guilds occupy one third of the ring, and the highest ranking wizards and adventurers make their homes in the other two. These central rings also home to the headquarters of the City Guard, and patrolled by it’s finest members.

The third ring is home to the First, Second, and Third District. The upper class lives here, and it also is home to most of the major temples.

The fourth ring noted for it’s fine parks, one in each district, and the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth District are the location of the businesses and homes of the middle class.

The fifth ring holds the Seventh District food production sites, the poor residential areas of the Eighth District, and the harsh industrial workhouses of the Ninth District. The ring is wedged up against the massive round walls that protect the city from the untamed wilderness that surrounds it. This location has caused the fifth ring to become exceedingly cramped, as more people wind up in it, but there is no space to expand.

City at Abarksen

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