City at Abarksen

Beginings and Rats
the story so far

Today was productive.

Drank at Black Dragon in a Barrel, got response to add for adventurers/flatmates! Two fellows, cleric of Felren Brother Marshal Silverthorn and rogue Arkady. Interested in the flat, showed it to them, fantastic place. Seemed to like it, not fond of the lighting, going to use Fire Beetles just in my room.

Went to see Brother Marcus, East Temple of Vernos, help with infestation. Wall came down in crypt last week, dire rats came in from Underground. Found nine scuttling around crypt, then Arkady nearly eaten by darkmantle. Found nifty spyglass though. Also, secret room! Exciting, Arkady good with arrow traps. Skeletons in basement, took care of it. Got paid, rent secured. Possible entryway to Underground soon.



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