City at Abarksen

Beginings and Rats

the story so far

Today was productive.

Drank at Black Dragon in a Barrel, got response to add for adventurers/flatmates! Two fellows, cleric of Felren Brother Marshal Silverthorn and rogue Arkady. Interested in the flat, showed it to them, fantastic place. Seemed to like it, not fond of the lighting, going to use Fire Beetles just in my room.

Went to see Brother Marcus, East Temple of Vernos, help with infestation. Wall came down in crypt last week, dire rats came in from Underground. Found nine scuttling around crypt, then Arkady nearly eaten by darkmantle. Found nifty spyglass though. Also, secret room! Exciting, Arkady good with arrow traps. Skeletons in basement, took care of it. Got paid, rent secured. Possible entryway to Underground soon.



Fuck you hooch…
Finaly got out of that fart infested dorm. The munks incharge of the gallie like there beans to much. got to remeber to that arkady for that. he came to me today with this add, sorsore seeks addventuers/ flat mates. seamed odd but anything was better than the wood slab and half roten blaket the order gave me.
the contact was strange, soft and blue haired. gods damb sorceres, no disiplin and half the brain to use there talants. we’ll see how long i can stand him before i go running back to the order for a hot and a cot.
the job he got us on the other hand, well.
it was odd another temple with a rat problem, and we were to be the rat catchers. it payed 150 gp and all the loot you could carry but no grave robbin’. that was fine didn’t really want to piss off the dead. just don’t under stand why they couldn’t take care of it in house with there own clerics or paladins. all in all it wasn’t to bad. got chewed on by a few dire rats, busted a few rat skulls, found and killed a dark-mantle, which almost had arkady for lunch. he found a secret room, a spy glass almost got us killed by that dark mantle, and some boneheads were waiting for us at the busted up wall that let the rats in. we cleared out the crypts, put up the magic barrier and gained a new entrance to the under ground. payed the rent, and got some beers. not to bad for non-warfare. maybe felren will bless us with an invasion so i can stop with this busy work.

Beginings and Rats

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